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Hello World!

My name is Carrie Robinson. I am a Canadian actress and writer of mainly Scottish and Algonquin decent. I have worked and trained for theatre and film in Vancouver, BC and my home-away-from-home of New York City, USA. My dream is to work through as many classical plays as possible (Shakespeare and beyond) over the rest of my lifetime.

I was introduced to acting as a kid when my parents would take me and my brothers & sisters to small community theatre productions. My first acting role was when I was 5 years old playing a little girl in The Field at the Prince George Play House. I have never forgot this experience so you could say it was life-altering!

In 2011, I played ‘Amy’ in Stage 43 Theatrical Society’s production of the famous farce Charley’s Aunt. It gave me an  opportunity to learn a standard British accent! At Conservatory I was fortunate to learn more about accents/dialects and I love to see the world through new eyes in this way. I played “Monica” in a scene from Women In Motion at the Pearl Theatre at the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory. In film, I have shot short independent films and television and look forward to more! I appeared on stage as a waitress “Trixie” in a one-act play called Apple Betty for Thespian Productions NYC. I’ve also been having fun exercising my improvisation skills as a standardized patient for medical students in New York. In May 2017 I experienced a bit of gender blind casting putting Prince Escalus on his feet in a staged reading of Romeo & Juliet at the New York Public Library through the Shakespeare Reading Series.

I’ve done a lot of other things besides acting, including being a reporter for The Ubyssey, my university newspaper at the University of British Columbia. In 2007,I found my 21-year-old self earning a law degree from the University of Windsor. After graduation I decided to learn how to combine acting, writing and social justice within my life. When I’m not acting I have been found working as a senior policy analyst, interning in Business & Legal Affairs, assistant managing a gym, ushering for plays, working on writing screenplays, stories, poems and learning to play songs on my guitar. I released “A Collection of Thoughts: Poems by Carrie Robinson” in September 2011, which is available on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 



Carrie is represented by Vittoria at VA Management.




“Before her professors even finished asking a question, she would thrust her hand up and say, ‘I don’t even think that question is valid.’ It didn’t matter that she had no idea what the question was. She had seen both sides of the gender looking glass, and as any Alice in Wonderland knows, things only get curiouser and curiouser.” – Michael Schulman on Meryl Streep in 1971, Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep.




6 thoughts on “About Carrie Robinson

  1. Gail Sparrow says:

    Carrie you go girl I am a fan now I think it is inspiring that your talented in acting and also writing screen plays-stories-poems and songs. Persue your dreams and be an inspiration for many of our First Nations who need someone like you to look up too.

  2. Jennifer Robinson says:

    I love love love the interviews! And they are so fantastic because they do inspire!

  3. Brittany Bingham says:

    Love what you’re doing Carrie… way to put positive things out into the universe it will all continue to come back your way! You my dear are inspirational!

  4. Thank you girls. These interviews are really fun to do. If you have someone that you’d like to hear an interview about, please let me know!

  5. lorraine hamel says:

    wow Carrie , i had no idea you were in acting too but especially in social justice i love! I am exceptionally proud of you my dearest cuz! all the best for your future<3

  6. Wow. Fantastic interviews. Can’t wait to read your book!!!

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