Have you ever met a person that lives and breathes art? Norma, a painter for over sixty years, does. I’ve fallen in love with the hundreds, and hundreds of paintings that Norma has shown me. I’ve recently had the privilege of casually sifting through her work while she feeds me and makes me coffee in her New York apartment. I find that I can stare at Norma’s paintings and discover something new about life itself each time.

Recently, Norma shared a few thoughts about painting and art:

1.    How did you discover art?

I did not discover art. I was born an artist. I’ve painted every day of my life for sixty years with my heart.

 2.    What drives you to paint?

 I love art. I take pride in what I do.

 3.    What do you find is very important for a young artist to know?

A young artist has to express himself the way he feels.

 4.    What role do relationships play in your paintings?  

 I am proud to make original works. My paintings are special. My paintings are like my children.

To purchase a Norma Lithgow work, please contact Carrie at:

The Twin:Image


Mother and Daughter:Image


The Russian Virgin: Image

The Musician: Image

Flowers – Ink and Feather Image

Chinese Princesses:Image


From Iraq: Image

Untitled: Image

From Haiti: Image


My Dream: Image

The Mirror: Image

Lulu: Image

Blue Jazz: Image

Music: Image



Ladies and Umbrellas:Image

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