Actor, Director, Producer, Voice, Speech & Acting Coach

Tom Todoroff Studios:


1.  After spending the majority of your life either acting, writing, producing or instructing other actors, do you have a key piece of advice that you’d tell an actor to remember at every point throughout their journey?

100% of the time, give 100% of what you’ve got. Always do your best.


2. Why do you find Michael Shurtleff’s 12 Guideposts within his book, “Audition” so essential for an actor?

15 Guideposts (I added the final 3 with Michael’s blessing) [13. Mischief, 14. Vulnerability – what am I revealing/ concealing?, 15. Architecture] They always work – for any material, any tone, any era, any actor etc. They work. Only technique in the world where this is true.


3. What role has mentorship played in your acting career?

Everything. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the mentors in my life. Hence the picture frame with their faces in it that’s next to me every time I teach.


4. Have your experiences as an actor informed the way that you produce a project, and instruct other actors?

Yes. These experiences have given me a global perspective on this business – not just the actor’s perspective.


5. What do you respect in a creative collaboration?

You answered the question – respect. A collaboration is nothing if it’s not mutually respectful.



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2 thoughts on “TOM TODOROFF

  1. Randy Robinson says:

    Awesome Carrie!

  2. I had a summer intensive with Mr Todoroff and it was one of my best training xperiences ever,
    Otto Szabo

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