Entertainment Lawyer

Beverly Hills, California


1.    Entertainment Law – what exactly is it? 

Negotiating contracts for talent and studios, litigating breach of contracts, handling celebrity problems, criminal, divorce, licensing, name likeness.

2.    If I were to produce a film, then what role would the lawyer play in getting my final product out on the market?

Negotiating distribution and financing.

3.    As an actor, what areas of my career could benefit from having an entertainment lawyer to work with?

Avoid signing contract with agent or manager with onerous terms.

4.    Often people say that being a good litigator (lawyer who represents a client in court) can be similar to being a good actor. Any insight into why people would say this?

You are telling a story to the judge/jury and have to make them believe your clients factual version.

5.    As an entertainment lawyer, do you have to deal with the media more than with other types of cases?

Absolutely. The media is celebrity driven.

6.    What motivates you to continue doing what you do?

Helping people realize their dreams and protecting that dream once they’re successful.


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2 thoughts on “PERRY C. WANDER

  1. claire2be says:

    Carrie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview with Perry. Thank you!

  2. robinrandy2 says:

    Indeed motivation is key and story prevails a wide circumference.

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