Casting Director & Producer


1. What inspired you to become a casting director? Producer?

To be able to work in a challenging creative environment that helps others achieve their career goals.


2. What is the best part about what you do?

I get to match people’s chemistry and energy, which gives me hyper awareness with day-to-day life!


3. Who do you admire?

My parents, they work hard and don’t stress about silly things. Unfortunately the silly things tend to be stressful when working in film & TV, not really sure why that is.


4. What is your favourite film? What is the reason?

I have a few but I will give you 2: Requiem For A Dream & Chopper (with Eric Bana). The performances are real and you really get a feeling for the lives of the characters, which has left me feeling impacted by it.


5. Do you have a favourite book or play? What is the reason?

I don’t have time to read many books (or enjoy them) but I am a fan of A Star is Found – & Killer Instinct – both are great “windows” into the worlds of successful people in the biz.

I did really enjoy the Broadway play August Osage County when I was in New York a year or so ago… the play was 3 hours and it was so compelling it felt like it whirled by. It brought tears to my eyes it moved me so much. I am not someone who likes plays too. (bad to admit for a casting director I know!)


6. What motivates you as a casting director/ producer?

I wish I could say more here but I feel less and less motivated to work in the film/TV biz these days. Mainly because it has become thankless and harder to make a decent living. So when I get a call for help I feel motivated to only work with those who have a dream, a passion and a vision that is beyond the one project they have asked for me to be involved in. I am motivated to support those who eat, sleep and breathe storytelling.


7. What is your hobby?

I ride a Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle named Black Betty. She is my favorite hobby…. I also love to travel to places most do not.


8. What do you admire most when working with an actor?

Their ability to be vulnerable. When an actor gets to the point in their craft were they understand their ego is in the way of being real I feel like working with actors becomes worth it! It’s then when I think that normal people could learn a thing or two from people who have mastered such awareness. I can’t think of another job that presents such a learning curve.


9. What key advice would you give to a beginning actor?

Learn who you are and what makes you tick… make that your focus then apply that to everything you do.



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